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Holland MPOE-TM MoCA POE Filter for Cable TV Coaxial Networking and TiVO - NEW

by Holland

Holland Electronics MPOE-TM MoCA P.O.E. Point of Entry Filter for Cable TV

The Holland POE filter Model MPOE-TM was developed specifically for use on Cable TV subscriber premise internal coaxial network's wiring. The filters purpose is to BLOCK MoCA network generated data streams from exiting the subscriber's dwelling and interfering with other neighborhood MoCA networks. The Filter also improves MoCA network's throughput by improving the data paths micro reflections.


* Return Loss 20 dB Typical

* Out-of-Band Rejection of up to 70dB Available

* 6KV Surge Survivability

* High-Performance Seizing Pin

* Enviromentally sealed to prevent ingress of moisture and humidity

* EMI Shielding > 130dB

* Meets or Exceeds all SCTE Specifications

* Compact Size

* Approved for use in Time Warner Cable systems & other providers including TiVO utilizing MoCA for whole house DVR apps.