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Hydro-Mount NPR9-KIT Non-Penetrating Mount by Perfect Vision

  • Designed specifically for Hydro-Mount bins
  • Compact size and shape
  • DTV mounting holes with applied threading bosses, for simplified installation
  • The Hydro-Mount™ is a new more efficient way to ballast a non-penetrating mount built specifically for patios and flat roofs.
  • Easy, simple to install, No Special tools Required
The DIRECTV Approved NPR9-KIT Hydro-Mount Non-Penetrating mount by PerfectVision. Manufacturing is the new efficiant system for non-penetrating roof installations! The hexagonal shaped mount utilizes lightweight plastic bins that replace the traditional cinder block ballast. The Hydro-Mount bins are weighted by filling them with water at your install site. These 4 bins displace the same weight as the cinder blocks they replace.