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Low Profile Mount For Directv Slimline Pack of 4

by DirecTV
  • Works with all dish types (standard 2” diameter collar required)
  • Mount is 12.5" high
  • The LOPROMNTR0-02 Mount utilizes a reinforced version of the DIRECTV standard foot
  • Pack of 4 Mounts with Lag Screws
  • DIRECTV™ approved

The LOPROMNT is the low-profile mount for the DIRECTV™ Slimline satellite dish.

Less Drilling Required. Takes up less space on trucks and in your warehouse.

Lower profile reduces visibility of LNB and assists in meeting Home Owner Association requirements for dish visibility.

The Low-Pro Mount is designed for roof mounts only.

Does not require monopoles, but still requires all other mounting practices as outlined in the SPIG for roof mounts using the 2” standard foot and mast.