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MoCA Enabled 5-Port Active Return Coaxial Amplifier Splitter PPC-5M-U/U

by PPC
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  • Coaxial Amplifier Splitter PPC-5M-U/U
  • UL Listed for bonding, RoHS compliant
  • Downstream unity gain/Upstream unity gain
  • Patented enhanced conical seizure mechanisms
  • Corrosion-resistant housing, nickel-plated C360 brass F-ports

Building on the solid foundation of the original Entry Series, the coaxial M Entry Series was developed to protect multiple service customers and improve overall system performance. By offering a number of distinct features including MoCA 2.0 optimized and a built-in Point of Entry (POE) filter, the M Entry Series not
only protects the customers of today, but prepares them for the technologies and services of tomorrow.

MSOs today are just touching the surface of MoCA capabilities with multi-room DVR installations. With the ability to go out to 1,675 MHz, your customers will not
be limited in their ability to incorporate commercially available MoCA 2.0 devices/applications for their inhome network.

Features & Benefits:
• MoCA ready (1125-1675 MHz),
• Low output-to-output isolation in MoCA band
• Built-in POE filter on Input port
• All passive Voice Modem/eMTA port
• Return Loss Saver (RLS) technology
• Dual color monitoring LED