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New 1000 PPC F81 Barrel RG6 Female Splice Coax Cable Connector 3GHz (CF81GHZM)

by PPC

For sale 1 box of  PPC F81 BARREL RG6 FEMALE SPLICE COAX CABLE Connector 3GHz Model CF81GHZM. This box contains 10 sealed bags, each containing 100 connectors for a total of 1,000 connectors.

Don’t let cheap splices be expensive for your network. PPC’s line of female splice adapters offer superior electrical, environmental, and mechanical performance beyond industry standards. The unique center conductor contacts provide the most reliable and repeatable installations, ensuring superior network performance. PPC's "F" female splice adapters offer superior corrosion resistance and weather sealing capability. The Gold- plated Beryllium Copper 4-point center conductor contact provides superior conductivity, connection repeatibility and corrosion resistance.

F-81 Female Splice Adapters Features:
Outer end face design protects signal
Gold plated center conductor
Superior materials and construction
Contact designed to spin freely within insulators