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Perfect Vision Cable Extension Coupler (Barrel / Splice) with Weather Boots for Water Proof Connection - 100 Pack (DTVF8

  • Internal components designed for high frequency.
  • Gold plated center conductor assures minimum RF loss & good electrical connections.
  • Resilient internal metals for dependable repeated insertions connections.
  • Included weather seals on each side.
  • Minimal insertion loss.

The internal components of this fitting are much different from a standard VHF/UHF barrel connector. The center coax conductor indexes into a close-tolerance tube that is resilient (spring) brass and gold plated. The close center-tube tolerance assures a tight connection, the gold plating assures a good electrical connection and the overall performance is greatly improved over standard designs. Internally, the center conductor tube is insulated from the inner skin of the barrel by a maximum air gap which results in much less RF loss. Insertion loss is extremely low and not really a necessary consideration in complex systems.