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Perfect Vision Duplex Single-Mode Patch Cable LC/UPC-SC/UPC 1M (PV-X9LUYUS1FISCU)

This duplex SM patch cable is a 1.6mm LC/UPC-SC/UPC ultra fiber and works with devices that require single-mode duplex fiber with LC/UPC-SC/UPC connectors. Consult the owner's manual for your device to determine what sort of fiber patch cable is needed. These 10-G cables have an operating distance of 300 meters through their laser-optimized InfiniCor SX and single-mode optical fiber. The cables are made with an ultra-fiber material, which has a UPC, or "Ultra Physical Contact" polish on the fiber optic connector ends. This polish results in a highly radius domed endface surface that optimizes physical contact between the mated fiber cores. 10-G fiber optic cable assemblies are designed to run advanced fiber optic applications. Simplex patch cables meet IEEE 802.3 specifications and offer superior connectivity.