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Perfect Vision Fiber-Sync PVFS-T-6 Optical Transmitter System (200-2150 MHz)

  • Six wideband RF inputs for multi satellite applications
  • SC/APC optical input to integrate services from EPON/GPON headend appliance
  • Single SC/APC output delivers all services via one single mode fiber
  • Completely passive optical insertion port allows for uninterrupted broadband services regardless of RF failure or power failure
  • F-port style power connections allows for flexibility in deployment
The Fiber-Sync PVFS-T-6 optical transmitter allows for the transport of six wideband RF satellite channels (200-2150 MHz) along with EPON/GPON on one single fiber. FiberSync transmitters employ a series of high grade, replaceable DFB lasers and a specialized internal CWDM to allow for the input of any standard EPON/GPON switch into the SC/APC input of the unit. LEDs indicate the RF input signal is within the proper threshold and AGC amplification ensures consistent performance throughout the entire optical network. The optical transmitter has the capability to support up to 32 Fiber-Sync PVFS-R-6 optical receivers. A typical F port style coaxial connection is used to connect the external power supply allowing for flexible powering options and reducing overall operating temperature of the unit