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Perfect Vision GS1 Self Tapping Ground Screw, Green (Box of 100)

  • Self-tapping screw taps its own hole for easy fastening
  • Corrosion-resistant carbon steel construction
  • Convenient box of 100 grounding screws
  • Ideal for grounding panels, equipment & static protection
  • Quick and easy set-and-forget grounding
Secure your electrical system with Perfect Vision's GS1 Self Tapping Ground Screw. This green grounding screw provides a reliable grounding point for a variety of applications. It taps and threads its own pilot hole as it drives into the medium, removing the need to pre-drill. The carbon steel screw resists corrosion and rust, while the exclusive Sealtite Thread Technology cuts an exceptionally clean and sharp thread pattern, ensuring a tight fit. Perfect Vision GS1 comes in a handy box of 100, providing ground screws for numerous installations while keeping them easily accessible. Whether grounding a service panel, electrical equipment or static protection applications, the GS1 ground screw offers an easy set-and-forget grounding solution.