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Perfect Vision Non-Penetrating Roof Mount Pitch Pad - 37.5 Inch x 37.5 Inch (NPRMAT8)

  • actual size: 35x35 inches
  • rubber mat
  • none penatration roof installations
  • protect roof from metal bracket
  • prevent metal bracket from moving

These mats are designed to be used under non-penetrating roof (NPR) mounts like our NPR6B and NPR8. No holes need to be drilled in the roof surface with those mount designs but a pad should be used under the frame to provide a small buffer between the metal angle and the roof coating. Use of a pad can avoid reluctance by building owners and reduce the possibly of roof leaks. Of course, this and ALL flat-roof NPR antenna assemblies should be tethered to the building with a flexible steel cable for maximum security. We highly suggest that you install our PVTK1 tether kit for maximum retention of the dish and mount in high wind conditions. Be safe and show consideration, its much more professional to use both a roof pad and a tether kit!