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Perfect Vision PV-F11301T 3 Hole Jacket Stripper

  • Removes outer jacketing from fiber optic cables quickly and easily
  • 3 different sized stripping holes for various cable diameters
  • Durable steel blades prevent damage to inner glass fiber
  • Comfortable handles allow precise control during use
  • Compact size makes it ideal for fiber prep in the field or data center
The 3 Hole Jacket Stripper provides an efficient way to remove the outer jacket from fiber optic cables to access the inner fibers. This handy tool features three different stripping hole sizes to accommodate a range of cable diameters. Durable steel blades make precise cuts through the jacket without harming the glass fiber inside. With its comfortable grip handles and compact size, technicians can easily control the stripper for quick and accurate jacket removal in the field or data center. The multiple hole sizes make this an ideal general-purpose jacket stripper for fiber optic preparation and termination applications.