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Perfect Vision PVMTW20 PVM 20 IN/LB, 7/16 Torque Wrench

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  • Prevent damage to ports from overtightening
  • Audbile clicking sound indicates proper torque
  • Red cushion grip
  • Angled head for easy access
  • Compact design
The Perfect Vision PVMTW20 is a durable and precise torque wrench designed to apply a fixed amount of torque for tightening applications. This wrench is ideal for precision tightening jobs where over or under-tightening could cause damage. The wrench has a 7/16" square drive to fit various fasteners and sockets. It features a load cell sensor with audible and tactile alarms that indicate when a fastener has reached the preset torque value, preventing over-tightening. The one-hand operation allows easy use in tight spaces. This high quality torque wrench is constructed from hardened alloy steel for strength and longevity. It has a chemical-resistant finish to prevent corrosion. The tool comes set at 20 in/lb from the factory. With features like the reversible ratchet head, ergonomic grip, and narrow head design, this torque wrench from Perfect Vision provides the control and accuracy needed for engine, automotive, aviation, marine, and other precision applications.