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PPC Belden Right Angle Adapter EX11RAFM RG11

by Belden
  • The unique patented design of the EX Series body provides a universal compression fit on all drop coaxial cable types (standard, tri and quad).
  • Easily Tightened 9/16'' hex nut, large tapered compression area creates a redundant moisture-tight interface
  • Right angle connectors prevent improper cable bending and tap ports from breaking in smaller pedestals and On Q-Panels
  • EX Universal compression, SignalTight Technology Continuity member maintains electrical continuity between nut and post, Maintains ground continuity even when very loose
  • Nickel-plated Brass construction that are Gas-tight sealed connection between nut and post

A problem installers often face is identifying which connector is the best match for an old, unmarked 60% Through Quad Shield Series 11 cable. Using an incorrect connector for the cable could result in unnecessary service calls and disruption to the network. PPC’s unique, patented design of the EX® body achieves universality on a 60% Through Quad Shield, PE and PVC jacket.