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PPC Belden SNSD6 Blue RG6 Snap-N-Seal Compression Coaxial Connectors 1000-Pack

by PPC
  • Fits Most SCTE Specified RG-6 Size Coaxial Cables
  • DIRECTV Approved 3GHz Rated Connector
  • True 360 Compression Design That Ensures Superior
1000 Count Box (20 x Bag of 50 ) of Belden SNSD6 Snap-N-Seal Ultimate Compression Coaxial Connectors for RG6 cables. -DIRECTV Approved 3GHz Rated Connector -Fits Most SCTE Specified RG-6 Size Coaxial Cables -True 360° Compression Design That Ensures Superior Electrical Performance Protection against loose connectors that cause: -Digital Video artifacts -DOCSIS performance degradation -LTE Interference -Upstream signal to noise issues SignalTight® Connectors achieves signal transmission approaching that of a fully-tightened connector, even if left loose: -Maintains ground continuity even when very loose -Reduces QAM errors/packet loss and enhances DOCSIS 3.1 performance -Eliminates service calls caused by loose connectors -Minimizes the number of self-installs that become truck rolls -Knurled grip enhances ability to pre-tighten with fingers prior to wrench tight PPC’s breadth of SignalTight® technology within the product line offers enhancements to the network from the head end to the subscriber premise equipment. PPC makes SignalTight® connectors around the clock in Syracuse, NY.