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PPC Passive MoCA Coaxial Portal 7-Way with Built-in MoCA Filter

by PPC
  • Ready for DOSCIS 3.1 and Full Duplex
  • Base unit provides three “broadband” coaxial outputs (5 – 1002MHz) and four MoCA-only outputs (1125 –1675MHz)
  • Add an Expansion “Stick” to add three or more MoCA-only outputs
  • UL Listed ground bond point
  • No power needed, limits return ingress

This product provides cable network connectivity to broadband devices, such as the X1/DVR and modems while connecting MoCA devices to the X1 through an isolated network. The Passive MoCA Portal improves network performance by keeping the MoCA-only connections isolated. Any upstream noise that may be on the home MoCA network is prevented from entering the cable network.

Ready for advanced technologies, such as DOCSIS 3.1 and Full Duplex, the Passive MoCA Portal provides broadband and MoCA connectivity while limiting return noise ingress. The 7-way Passive MoCA Portal has three broadband ports and four MoCA-only ports. MoCA traffic can travel freely between the MoCA-only and broadband ports, providing X1 connectivity. MoCA traffic is kept off the cable/access network with more than 40dB isolation at the input.

The MoCA-only ports can be expanded from 4 to 7 (or more, up to 16) to any new or existing installation by adding a 4-way Expansion Stick to any 7-way Passive MoCA Portal. The 4-way Expansion Stick can be securely attached to a 7-way or installed remotely from the 7-way.

Whether it’s a single X1 serving a small number of MoCA devices or a dual X1 installation serving more endpoints, the PPC Passive Portal series provides the technology and flexibility needed to support the range of MoCA installations found in subscribers’ homes today.