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PPC RG-6 Universal F-Type Coax Cable Compression Connectors, Bag of 50 Pcs. (EX6XL-PLPLUS)

by PPC

The EX6XL-PLPLUS RG6 connector, manufactured by PPC, formerly known as the EX6XLP, is designed with the challenging requirements of IP Telephony and High Speed Data. The unique patented design with compliant co-polymer body achieves true universality on 60% through Quad Shield Plenum cables. 

The unique patented design of the EX Series body provides a universal compression fit on all drop coaxial cable types (standard, tri and quad). The resulting ease of installation and reliability make the EX Series the most resistant to craft error, moisture ingress and improper cable/connector matching of any connector on the market. Prevents issues with poor connections.

  • Professional grade indoor/outdoor coaxial compression connector
  • Universal fit on RG-6 coaxial cable (compatible with standard, tri and quad shield)
  • Prevents service issues from loose connections
  • Maintains ground continuity even when loose