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PPC VT-200 Universal Cable Television/Satellite Professional Compression Tool

  • Universal plunger style coaxial compression tool for F-connectors
  • Designed to compress most RG59, RG6, RG7 and RG11 F-connector
  • Professional grade tool designed to last thousands of compressions
  • Comfortable grips
  • Black oxide finish and hardened steel construction

Designed for PPC's "XL" extended body platform series 59 and 6 drop connectors with a 21 mm compression length, as well as PPC's series 7 and 11 drop connectors.

PPC's VT compression tools help aid in the installation of EX® Series connectors onto coaxial cable. However, VT-200 tool is built specifically for certain connector platforms. It's important to use the correct tool for the connector being installed because over-compression can result in damaged connectors, and under-compression could result in poor electrical performance, cable retention and moisture ingress.

The VT-200 is a Universal plunger Style Coaxial Compression Tool and designed for the EX6XL/EX59XL connectors. It will also crimp most RG59 and RG6, RG7 and RG11 connectors as well. Constructed of Hardened Steel with comfortable grips to help soften the crimping process. The Belden Name now encompasses the PPC, ICM Corp, Cable Pro and Thomas and Betts names.