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RC73 Remote Control DirecTV AT&T Genie RF Remote


Made specifically for new DirecTV/AT&T "genie" system. Works with all DIRECT-ready (RVU) televisions. (For all older systems use remote RC66RX) Can be used both in IR and RF mode. Easy battery life indicator - Solid green=OK, fast green=replace soon, slow green=replace now. RF4CE 2-way technology for better RF signal reception with less keybounce. Self-programming when used with a DIRECTV Genie DVR or client. All new design puts the most frequently used buttons in easy reach. Volume and channel rockers move easily with a push of the thumb. Compatible with older DIRECTV receivers when in IR mode. Can be programmed to control RVU TVs. On-screen tips help you use the buttons effectively. Compatible with HDDVRs model HR34, 44 and 54. Compatible with clients model C41, C41W, C51 and C61. Batteries included.