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RG6 Flex Dual Coaxial Cable Clips (White, Pack of 100)

by WoldTec

By using specially designed clips for coax, data, and other cables-there is no loss in the wire by 'pinching or crushing' the outer jacket. This leaves the integrity of the cable intact to prevent any loss of signal, while providing a long-life installation. Screw clips are designed to be removed and adjusted if every needed

Specifically designed with strong, yet soft, plastic material that won't damage coaxial, data, electrical, or other wire and cables. 

Allows for near 360 degrees of grip, so that the Cable will not slide back and forth for most sizes.

High Quality, Outdoor Rated, UV Protected PE Clip and Long-Life Yellow Zinc plated screw anchors are designed to be strong and easy to install. They are pre-installed into the clip, saving time and making installation much easier.

Twin mounting head allow for the use of either a 1/4" hex drive bit, or a standard #2 Phillips head drill bit. A standard #2 Phillips head screwdriver may also be used to install the clips.