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SatelliteSale 18AWG 2-Prong to Square/Round Connector AC Universal Replacement Power Cable PVC Black Cord

Cable Length
  • Replace your lost, or old power cable with our brand-new SatelliteSale 2-Prong to Square/Round Connector AC Universal Replacement Power Cable. Our cord ensures a safe and reliable power connection between your devices.
  • PVC-covered jacket produced for the increased durability protecting from bending damage. This cable guarantees perfect fit into the socket, providing steady and long-lasting electricity transmission without distortion or overheating.
  • Universal AC Power cord is both applicable for commercial and residential use. Compatible with gaming consoles (Xbox One S, Xbox One X, Xbox Series X, Xbox Series S, PS3 Slim & Super Slim / PS4 / PS4 Slim / PS5), Printers, Office Equipment, Electric shavers, radios, tablets, desktop, and laptop computers, and laptop charger transformer bricks.
  • Rated for use with 110V,10A input, which is perfect for North American power outlets (USA, Canada). Please, check product pictures to make sure this cable is compatible with your devices.
  • This cable is available in different lengths of 6ft and 15 feet long. In addition, all SatelliteSale products are ensured with an unbeatable lifetime warranty!

These power cords let you connect your electrical appliance through itself with one of its ends plugged in the wall socket or a wall extension board, and the other end plugged in the inlet installed on the appliance to build a system of temporary connection.

Appliances that are purely power-backed need these power cords to connect with the main electrical supply line for powering and energizing itself. Few devices are battery-backed, and they majorly need the connection only to recharge the batteries. These cords are capable of carrying alternating current as well as direct current.

One end of the power cord has the plug, and the other has a connector. The connector is inserted into the inlet, and the plug is plugged into the wall socket.

Works for

A 2 Prong, AC Power Cord, is often used for small cassette recorders, radios, battery chargers, televisions, audio equipment, laptop computer power supplies, video game consoles, and similar double-insulated appliances. This cable has been tested and validated to ensure it will work with LED LCD Smart TV, Monitor, Printer, Scanner, Game Console, Entertainment System, Audio Multiroom Speaker, Wireless Backup, Wi-Fi Base Station, Camera Battery Charger and other devices. In addition, our cable has a fully molded design for reliability, resilience, maximum safety, durability, and long life.


  • Please check the product picture before buying.

SatelliteSale 2 Prong Replacement Round Round Power Cords Compatibility

This product has been tested and validated to ensure it will work with LED LCD Smart 1080p 4K HDTV

Hisense 50" 55": 50H5C 50H6C 55H5C. Insignia 40" 48" 55": NS-40D510NA17 NS-48D510NA17 NS-55D510NA17. JVC 50" 55": LT-50EM76 LT-55UE76 LG 43" 55" 60": 43LH570A 55UH6090 55LH575A 55UH6030 60UH6035. LG Electronics 32" 43" 49" 55" 60" 65": 32LH500B 32LH550B 32LW340C 43LH5700 43UH6100 49LH5700 49UH6030 49UH6100 55LH5750 55UH6150 55UH7700 55UH8500 60UH6150 60UH8500 65UH7700 65UH6150

SatelliteSale 2 Prong Replacement Round Square Power Cords Compatibility

Some compatible devices: Vizio TV Cable E Series: E241-B1, E241i-A1, E241i-A1w, E241i-B1, E291-A1, E291i-A1, E320-A0, E320-A1, E320i-A0, E370-A0, E390-A1, E390i-A1, E420-A0, E420i-A0, E470-A0, E470i-A0, E500i-A0, E500i-A1, E601i-A3, E701i-A3 Vizio TV M Series: M321i-A2, M401i-A3, M471i-A2, M501d-A2R, M551d-A2R, M601d-A3R, M651d-A2R, M701d-A3R, M801d-A3R,VIZIO Visio Sound Bar, Sound Stand 2120W-E0, S4251W-B4B, SB3630-E6, SB3821-D6, SB3830-C6M, SB3831-D0, SB3851-C0 Arris Router Modem, Sharp Sanyo Emerson sansui TV, Sony PlayStation 1 2 PS1 PS 2;


Non-toxic and Safe:

The power cord is made of PVC material, and it has the advantages of environmental protection, waterproof, wear resistance, etc.

It has a wide application range and is non-toxic and safe.

UL Listed:

Fully Certificated By UL, Which Meets the Safest Standard in the USA, provides your device with constant power and Long Life Span.

Specifications of OEM Products:

This power cord was the Perfect Replacement Made with the Highest Quality Materials to Match or Exceed the Specifications of OEM Products.

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