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SatelliteSale Kit of Amphenol TFC Tech Service Bag, Reel and Cable Or 2 Cables

  • Environmentally green bag and environmentally friendly 500' reusable reel with easily replaceable cable coil
  • Water resistant bag with 4 grip feet and white glow in dark border
  • Cable pay out slot and cable end storage loop
  • Tool pouches – eliminates need to carry separate tool pouch, part pouch – connectors, f-81’s, splitters; tablet/paperwork pouch
  • Handle and carrying strap and auxiliary rings for additional pouch if needed

Times Fiber is proud to introduce the new Tech Service Bag for broadband and CATV installers. Designed with an array of features, the Tech Service Bag is also environmentally friendly using a reusable reel and flange, eliminating cardboard and plastic waste. It's sturdy and water resistant body features a reinforced bottom capable of maintaining it's shape and performing as a true technician assistant. Capable of holding a 500 ft reel on plastic flange, the coil can be changed quickly and easily.
Cable reels pay off with an easy and fluid feel due to the unique side support design system preventing cable tangle, jams and reel lock. Built in pouches are great for extra storage to hold tools, connectors and even includes a padded slot for an iPad or tablet.
The TFC Tech Service Bag is designed for the active cable technician by eliminating extra trips to the truck, creating accurate drop lengths, eliminating waste and providing a comfortable accessory to carry tools and equipment.