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  • SatelliteSale DisplayPort Cable was specially manufactured to be used as the most modern interface for connecting audio and video equipment, primarily for connecting laptops and computers with Mini DP/DP ports with a Mini DP/DP-enabled monitor or home theater systems. It works flawlessly whether you are planning to play video games or watch sports games on a big screen with high refresh rate.
  • Elegant and durable white PVC-protected jacket produced for the increased strength alongside with gold plated (Male to Male) connectors resist oxidation. The plug is designed to withstand numerous repeated connections.
  • Mini DisplayPort to DisplayPort Cord creates bi-directional data transmission between your devices without its distortion or signal loss. Connect your desktop and laptop computers ( Apple MacBook Air (before 2018), Apple MacBook Pro (before 2016), iMac (before 2017) ) to your DisplayPort-equipped monitors, screens, projectors, home theatre systems, and smart TVs.
  • Supports Ultra-High-Definition 4K - 3840x2160. Broadcasts 4K video standard at 30 Hz, 8.64GBps without any distortion or signal delay. Our cable is compatible with both modern and previous generations of devices featuring DisplayPort or Mini DisplayPort socket.
  • This cable is available in lengths of 3ft, 6ft and 15 ft long. In addition, all SatelliteSale products are ensured with an unbeatable lifetime warranty!

SatelliteSale Mini Display Port to Display Port DP Cable Male to Male creates a bi-directional stereo audio and video data transmission providing its user with the Ultra High Quality 4K resolution. Our cord is a must-have accessory for Apple Mac laptop and desktop computer owners, as it provides the highest audio/video resolution from Apple devices. It suits perfectly both for commercial and residential use. Because DisplayPort cord and socket are exposed to frequent external damage, the DisplayPort connector casing has a simple mechanism that locks the plug into the socket with a mechanical snap-button on the connector. This design provides bending and gravitational harm resistance. An elegant and durable white PVC jacket combines a simple minimalistic design and the safety of the cord. In addition, gold-plated connectors will resist oxidation and serve much longer than any other type of material. 

SatelliteSale Mini DisplayPort to DisplayPort Cable provides you with ultra high resolution quality and beautiful undistorted images alongside with clear and deep sound. Easily connect your desktop and laptop computers (AppleMac devices) to monitors, screens, projectors, home theatre systems, and smart TVs. Our cable is compatible with all generations of DP/Mini DP-enabled devices. Furthermore, we assure the lifetime service of each cable to deliver a positive experience to our clients. 

Please, be aware that this cable IS NOT AN HDMI CABLE and can be plugged only into DisplayPort/Mini DisplayPort enabled devices.