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SatelliteSale Digital Toslink SPDIF Audio Optical Fiber Cable Universal Wire Nylon Black/Silver Cord

  • The primary use of SatelliteSale Digital Toslink SPDIF Audio Optical Fiber Cable Universal Wire is to transmit crystal clear audio between your devices.
  • Our cord is manufactured with a high-quality nylon braided jacket to increase its durability and ensure its safety. Gold-plated connectors are manufactured to resist corrosion and transmit the signal with the highest clarity.
  • Enjoy the 5.1/7.1 sound with your home theatre systems, DTS Surround, and Dolby Digital Systems. Compatible with gaming consoles, soundbars, TVs, speakers, subwoofers, Blu-Ray players, and AV receivers.
  • Digital Toslink SPDIF Audio Optical Fiber Cable can be easily plugged into your devices and provides a tight connection in digital optical ports.
  • Please, remember to remove the plastic pin protectors before using the cable. This cable is available in multiple lengths. 3ft, 6ft, 15ft, and even 50 feet long cords that are covered by a lifetime warranty!
  1. Our new Audio Cable provides the cleanest sound, even at extremely high volume levels.
  2. Distortion-free fiber optics: Top-notch optical fiber core provides this Digital Optical Audio Cable with excellent sound quality.
  3. Fit: Digital Optical Cable features a snug and secure connection.
  4. CL3 rated is safe for in-wall installation.
  5. Durability: Aluminum alloy shell, lightweight & flexible, and removable rubber caps ensure long service life for this Toslink Cable.


Works like a charm with standard or high-definition devices with a Toslink (S/PDIF, Optical) port. Perfect for uncompressed PCM audio compressed 5.1 to 7.1 surround sound systems including Digital Plus, DTS-HD High Resolution, and LPCM.

This cable can be used for:

  • Home Theater, Soundbar
  • Audio/Video Receiver
  • TV, Divx Player, DVD player, CD player
  • PS2, PS3, PS4, PS5, Xbox, Xbox One, or any latest gaming console
  • Any device that uses normal full-size TOSLink connector


These cables use a 1mm low-loss core, low-jitter synthetic fiber, and heavy metal connectors to dampen vibration, giving you the ultimate listening experience. In addition, optical cables transfer the signal using light, thus eliminating any chance for RFI, EMI, or ground loop interference.

MOULDED STRAIN RELIEFS reduce stress where cable and connectors meet.

PRECISION POLISHED FIBER TIPS for the maximum signal transfer (includes tip protectors).

Technical Specifications

Cable Length: 3 Feet/6 Feet/15 Feet/50 Feet
Connector Type: Toslink to Toslink
Connector Gender: Male-to-Male
Color: Black
Compatible with: Home Theater, Audio/Video Receiver, TV, Soundbar, Gaming consoles
Manufacturer: SatelliteSale

  SatelliteSale Optical SPDIF Cable SatelliteSale 2-Male to 2-Male RCA Cable SatelliteSale 3.5mm Aux Male to 2-RCA Cable SatelliteSale Aux 3.5mm Stereo Cable SatelliteSale 3.5mm Aux Nylon Stereo Cable SatelliteSale 3.5mm Aux Nylon Stereo Extension Cable
Connector type Toslink to Toslink 2 RCA to 2 RCA 3.5mm AUX to 2 RCA 3.5mm AUX to 3.5mm AUX 3.5mm AUX to 3.5mm AUX 3.5mm AUX to 3.5mm AUX
Connector gender Male to Male Male to Male Male to Male Male to Male Male to Male Male to Female
Jacket Composition PVC PVC PVC PVC Cotton Nylon
Digital audio interconnect
Gold Plated Connectors
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