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SatelliteSale RG6 Trishield 77% Coaxial Cable with Messenger Wire PVC Black 1000 feet

  • Durable cable design with 77% aluminum braiding prevents signal loss across long cable runs. The dense braiding acts as an extra layer of protection to block electromagnetic interference for distortion-free video and data transmission.
  • Delivers interference-free video and data transmission for home theaters, satellite TV, outdoor setups. Ideal for long cable runs across your home or yard, this coaxial cable maintains pristine signals to your devices for the best entertainment experience.
  • Durable PVC jacket and anti-corrosion shields for outdoor and direct burial use. The waterproof jacket and protective shields allow the cable to endure harsh outdoor environments, weather, and underground installation without signal degradation.
  • Withstands harsh weather and underground conditions. Excellent for outdoor installations, the cable's UV protection and durable construction ensure longevity and resilience when exposed to harsh elements or buried underground.
  • Lifetime warranty ensures long-lasting, crystal clear reception. SatelliteSale stands behind the performance of this coaxial cable, providing peace of mind with an unbeatable lifetime warranty against defects or issues.

Experience interference-free entertainment with SatelliteSale's RG6 Trishield 77% Coaxial Cable with Messenger Wire. This high-performance coaxial cable delivers pristine video and data transmission across extensive distances, making it the perfect choice for home theaters, satellite TV, and outdoor setups. The proprietary Tri-shielded construction with dense 77% aluminum braiding maintains signal integrity across long cable runs, preventing signal loss and degradation. Thanks to the durable PVC jacket and anti-corrosion shields, this cable is designed for outdoor and direct burial use, withstanding harsh weather and underground conditions. Take your home entertainment to new heights and say goodbye to compromised signals with SatelliteSale's 500ft RG6 coaxial cable. All SatelliteSale products are backed by an unbeatable lifetime warranty. Order now and enjoy crystal clear reception!