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SatelliteSale USB Type C to HDMI/USB-C/USB 3.0/DVI/VGA Converter


SatelliteSale USB Type C to HDMI/C/USB 3.0/DVI/VGA Converters

This is our line of USB Type-C Adapters. They allows you to transmit signals from a USB Type-C source to a high definition HDMI, DVI or VGA displays (TV, projectors, monitor, etc) or us that as a USB Hub. With these adapters, you can enjoy a better visual feast with your family.

Provide an easy and cost-effective solution to connect a USB C equipped notebook or desktop to HDMI, DVI or VGA enabled monitor or projector for high-definition video streaming. USB Type C hub adapter will instantly add 4 USB 3.0 ports for your device, enhance the capability to connect more.
Extend your working desktop with mirroring or extending display to enhance work efficiency.
Sync image with two displays to gives you a convenient visual enjoyment or allow you to connect more devices such as a keyboard, mouse, USB flash drive, thumb drive, USB printer, hard disk at the same time. Ideal for office, conference, home theater entertainment!