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SG3-P1 Perfect Vision Silicone Sealant 3 oz, Clear Waterproof Seal

  • Perfect Vision
  • Silicone Sealant
  • Clear Waterproof seal
  • 3 Oz

This is a “RTV” (Room Temperature Vulcanization) product which is typically used to seal voids where moisture or insects could enter dwellings or structures. It sets up to form a semi-clear pliable filler. It is ideal for sealing around screw holes, drilled access holes for coax and other similar small void areas where a pliable gasket type seal would be prudent. This compound contains acidic compounds and should NOT be used in or on electrical connections or near electrical components or circuit boards. Insulates thermally Waterproof seal Weatherproof seal Permanently flexible -60°F to 450°F Insulates electrically