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Sonora LA146R-T 6 Line Amplifier, 14dB Gain with Return and Power Supply

by Sonora
  • OTA, CATV, DBS bandwidth
  • Green Power Supply
  • Return PathDC & 22 kHz/DiSeQc
  • Compact case: die cast aluminum
  • LED Signal Input Metering

 DBS, OTA, CATV, Automatic gain, line powered amplifier, 54 to 2150 MHz, (6) inputs.
 DBS and CATV or OTA signals need amplification to a constant level over a wide signal level input range.
Model LAL206A provides (6) automatic gain controlled outputs of -20 dBm@ 2150 MHz with 32 equal input transponders. The LED indicators Blink RED @ inputs below -47 dBm. LED indicators turn Green with inputs between -22 dBm to -47 dBm. LED indicators turn RED with inputs greater than -22 dBm. The 6th input may be used for CATV or OTA signsls.
Amplifiers may be coax line powered from either their RF input or RF output connectors.
 Input (5) includes wide forward bandwidth and passive sub-band return for use with CATV signals.