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Terminator 75 OHM F Port Screw-on 5-2050Mhz 5 Pack

  • Product is plated with nickel for longer enviromental survivability.
  • Termination impedance is 75 ohms +/- 2%
  • Device containes a Teflon insulator isolating the load from the terminators metal body
  • Device contains a steel center conductor with OD of .027" that resists bending or flexing
  • Provides return loss greater than 25dB across the specified operational bandwidth

Product is utilized to terminate with resistive 75 ohm dummy load via male screw-on cap to any F ports on broadband coaxial devices that are not properly terminated into coaxial cable or another 75 ohm impedance device.

Terminators are necessary for use on open splitter or amplifier ports to prevent ghosting and other undesirable TV signal problems. When connections are left open, strong signals can reflect back through cabling system, causing ghosts in your TV picture.Open connections can also cause undesired visits from the cable company, since your cable signal can broadcast out through open connections and interfere with radio communications outside your home.