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USTC Box FTTH Fiber Optic Outlet with 1 Adapter SC/APC Port and 1 Pigtail SC/AP

  • Automatically adapts to your internet speed and extends it over your fiber patch wires. Fiber applications now are easy.
  • Quick and easy Installation due to lightweight and compact design.
  • Perfect for FTTX, FTTH, FTTB, LAN/WAN, PON, and CATV
  • Plug and play with no software installation or configuration needed. Self-clipping Method makes the box easy to open/close.
  • USTC Corp is your one-stop shop for all materials, distribution, and supply chain management solutions for the broadband and telecommunications industry.

USTC Box FTTH Fiber Optic Outlet with 1 Adapter SC/APC Port and 1 Pigtail SC/AP is ideal for organizing and safeguarding your critical fiber optic backbone connection. The economically-sized 1 Port T Fiber Optic can be mounted on most vertical and horizontal surfaces. It's suitable for residential and commercial wall mount applications. The flexible design provides generous entry points on the back panel, a lower tray for splicing and a hinged upper tray for fiber distribution. Its double-layer construction conserves space which simplifies the initial installation, as well as saves time during routine maintenance. Both help keep the fiber well routed and stores the fiber efficiently. Mounting hardware is included. The kit provides optimum protection, keeps your fiber distribution organized when space is limited and maintains the integrity of your connections. This kit is ideal for FTTH and FTTD since it provides an added level of security, excellent cable management, and long service life, all while concealing the connections to maintain a seamless appearance.