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SatelliteSale Flex Single or Dual Cable White or Black Screw Nail Clips

SatelliteSale Flex Single or Dual Cable White or Black Screw Nail Clips

Cables are irreplaceable in this highly technological day and age. In the average household, cables run between television sets, DVD players, desktop computers, speakers, and video projectors. And with the increased number of devices like personal computers, smartphones, and laptops, their charger cables are also essential to ensure that your device's batteries are sustained.

Outside of your house, cables have countless other applications in business and industrial settings. For example, they are found behind computers, telephones, printers, and other electronic devices in work environments.

Their primary purpose is to enable functions like communication, signal transmission, and instrumentation and control. In addition, they are essential components of transmission devices, multi-point, and single-ended networks, repeaters, or converters. For industrial purposes, cables are necessary for various markets: electrical automation, factories, steel production, refining and chemical, pulp and paper, wind, power, and solar generation.

Because they are must-haves in various transmission projects and setups, cables must be kept and organized to be out of the way and prevent interruptions and problems. We think the best way to keep numerous and lengthy wires in order in any space is to utilize SatelliteSale cable clips.

What are cable clips?

SatelliteSale cable clip is a product that helps you to manage wires and cables while securing them to a surface. For example, to a wall, ceiling, or floor. We provide a wide range of cable clips to manage cables of all sizes and shapes, in almost any number, in-home and industrial applications.

How does it work?

Generally, a cable clip contains two essential components: one to gather cables together securely and another to hold the entire cable clip (along with the gathered wires) fast against a single spot on a surface so that the whole thing is intact.

Unlike other manufacturers who design products so that these two mechanisms come separately, we think that combining them provides better utility and many advantages. They are designed with a solid yet soft plastic material that won't damage coaxial, data, electrical, or other wires and cables. Additionally, with a special UV-resistant material, no electrical shorts are created (as seen with staples or metal clips). Using specially designed clips for coax, data, and other cables means no loss in the wire by pinching or crushing the outer jacket. This leaves the cable integrity intact to prevent signal loss while providing a long-life installation. Screw clips are designed to be removed and adjusted if ever needed.

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