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SatelliteSale Indoor/Outdoor F-Type Coaxial Connectors for Coax Cables

SatelliteSale Indoor/Outdoor F-Type Coaxial Connectors for Coax Cables

SatelliteSale Indoor/Outdoor F-Type Coaxial Connectors for Coax Cables are up to all standards providing a secure watertight connection and excellent pull strength with effortless installation. Its design achieves signal transmission approaching that of a fully-tightened connector, even if left loose. Connectors boast the largest dynamic range of any connector in the market, making them compatible with standard through quad shield cables.

Our coaxial connector also doesn’t rely on an o-ring to seal the back end of the connector environmentally, it uses the dynamic range of the tough yet versatile plastic body to seal in the most effective way possible.

It maintains ground continuity even when very loose. Reduces QAM errors and packet loss and prevents service issues from loose connections.

Wide range of applications of F-type connectors.

  • digital television equipment;
  • measuring equipment;
  • broadcasting;
  • radio equipment;
  • cellular devices
  • CCTV;
  • satellite equipment;

F-type connectors are also used with RG-6, RG-11, RG-59 cables to extend or build cable routes connected to GSM, 3G, LTE, TV antennas, alarm systems, payment terminals, repeater and relay equipment, modems, TV receivers and video recording cameras, and other transceiver equipment.

In addition, F-type connectors can be used with a trunk cable to connect splitters, antenna and trunk amplifiers, receivers, etc., with virtually no loss in the signal, ensuring high-quality matching of the cable and devices with which they are used.


The F connector is not weatherproof. However, our SatelliteSale Indoor/Outdoor Coaxial F-Type Weather-Seal Connectors for Coax Cables are enhanced with an o-ring (of about 7 mm) inside the captive nut. It seals the area of the mating faces of both connectors, providing weatherproof protection for the center conductor.

Our Indoor/Outdoor F-Type Coaxial Connectors are perfect for your self-install kits and DIY projects!

Coaxial Connectors Installation Examples

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