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SatelliteSale Copper Coated And Galvanized Grounding Straps - Flexible and Adjustable

SatelliteSale Copper Coated And Galvanized Grounding Straps - Flexible and Adjustable

What is Ground Strap?

First, let’s discuss the purpose of Ground Straps (also referred to as Grounding Straps). Do Ground Straps play a critical role in the safety of electrical devices, equipment, and people? Absolutely!

A ground strap protects you, the people around you, and even your investments from electrostatic discharge. SatelliteSale Ground Straps are produced of high-quality copper or galvanized metal and come with a screw. Our grounding straps provide excellent conductivity and corrosion resistance.

How do Ground Straps Keep us Safe?

Ground Straps protect us from unwanted electrical shocks and surges by rerouting electric currents to a safe Earth ground. The electricity needs to go somewhere in the instance of a short circuit or surge. Its purpose is to protect you and your equipment by providing a safe path to grounding a live current. As a result, electricity can travel safely by providing a way to the ground, minimizing injuries and saving lives.

Ground straps, also known as bonding straps or earthing straps, mitigate these risks by providing escaped current with a highly conductive route to the ground. With a ground strap in place, power surges and short circuits are far less harmful.

In addition, since the strap becomes the easiest route to the ground, the current can flow safely to a neutral surface instead of frying electronics or burning nearby users.

SatelliteSale Grounding Straps provide high-quality, solid connections and dedicated grounding paths to maintain system performance and protect personnel and equipment. Our grounding straps meet and exceed regulatory standards and have the performance and application range to address your most demanding requirements.

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